Well Friday has come and gone. It started out with a downpour but tapered off around lunch time.

The council had a good first day for our Drive for those with Intellectual Disabilities.

14 members came out and raised unofficially $625.

We also had the first appearance from The Council Tootsie Roll Mascot.

One day to go on our drive and we had a great day today. Another 14 guys came out and we raised unofficially $967.28. This brings our two day unofficial total to $1591.44.

Mr. Tootsie Roll got $40 from two customers for being a brave soul and standing out there with these other two guys.

Not much we can say about this Mr. Tootsie Roll.

He did get a job offer to come to an office party as Mr. Tootsie Roll but no money.

Well our 2007 Drive has come to an end. What a great weekend. Ten council men came out to the Stop & Shop today to cover the 10-3 time slots and unofficially the council raised $1978 for those with Intellectual Disabilities. Check the council web site later in the week to see other out at the drive.

We had one more Tootsie Roll appearance. One of our newer members, Bert, donned the costume for an hour but Rich and Angelo both declined . Also, we could not get our Grand Knight to do it but maybe next year.