Welcome to the PASTA-OKE Extravaganza!!!!!

Jack and Bob hard at work in the kitchen!

The gravy needs something!

The guys and girls did a great job with the set up.

The coveted awards table! Who will go home with the hear no evil monkey?

"That's Amore!" belted out by Father Joseph!


Debbie getting into the song. Oh my!!!!!



The happy couple, Silvia and Alex. singing together but see below .......

Alex's singing gained him the top spot as "The Worse" singer and

would have given William Haung from American Idol a run for his money. Congrats!!!!!!

Father Joe took home the 3rd Place trophy!

Sylvia took home the second place trophy and will have to share it with the little guy.

The first place went to Esteban Cabrerra but please don't try out for American Idol!


Father Joe closing out the night with "God Bless America!"

And Elvis has left the building!!!!! Alas, he never entered!