To all,

First thank you to all that came out and gave a pint to help the blood center. Unofficially we had thirty-six people come down to donate and it looks like twenty seven were taken. I will hopefully have the official number by Wed. It is funny how some things work out for when I got home I got an email from my friend and brother knight/grand knight Kevin Mauro who got the following email- Hackensack Fire Fighter Pete Rocco's- who I believe is a brother knight in St. Mary's-daughter is in need of blood donations. She is in Hackensack University Medical Center's NICU. This outstanding facility/unit SAVED MY DAUGHTER'S LIFE because people took the time to donate their blood. She can recieve either O- Negative or A- Negative blood. If any of you can donate please do so. A directed donation program has been set up at Hackensack University Medical Center. Blood donations may be arranged by calling 201-996-4819 or 201-996-4818 and speak to Nadia. Donations are to be directed to Baby Allison Rocco. I have asked the blood center coordinator to see if they can direct any applicable donations towards the baby but anyone who could not donate and would like to consider going to Hackensack and maybe helping this baby. Please also keep her in your prayers. Thank you again, whomever donated you will make a difference and give someone the chance at life.


Charlie ready to kill Lenny after Lenny had him sign up for a donation.


Arlene and Gerald signing up.


Long lines were normal from 10 to 2:30 but it was a great site.


Esteban trying to sign up a member.


Martin getting checked in.


Another successful donation. This one from Gary.