To begin with, im deeply sorry for not emailing you before. let us just say that the internet service that we have inside this air force base/school where my father is the commandant now is just not that great for it is like 1/2 mile far from "downtown". Anyway, itīs good to be back to next to our family and friends,but, i must admit i do miss the u.s. and i know that a big part of all feeling is all thanks to the great friends i made at the kofc. You guys helped our family get acquainted to your culture, your people, your country and i can only thank God for this chance of having such a great experience abroad. The plaque our family was awarded is already hung on one of the walls of our living room, right next to the entrance door so they can all see it as soon as they step in. Mom and dad are all good. Dad is working really hard, such a big responsibility to be ahead of 2,100 students (after 2 years they graduate as air force sargeants) plus another 1,000 officers and sargeants who work here. If you want you may check this website here, that already bears the picture of the new commandant (dad) of that air force school:

and some other pictures here:

and here:

again, be sure that the doors of our house will be always open for you guys.