Italian Night - July 28, 2007

Italian Night from the people that spoke to me was great- good food, entertainment, prizes and fraternity. I don't have a final tally yet as to how much was made on the event but we do know at least 230 people came thru the doors. I can not thank enough Jack Steffens, Bob Kirvin, Bill Morris, Tom Troyer and Mike Grecco for working in the hot kitchen for so many hours preparing and doing such a great job with the main meal. There are to many guys to mention who were running all over the place helping out on the floor but they all did a great job. Finally to me this would not have been a success with out the help from the Catholic Daughters. Without them out on the floor serving and making sure everything was right we might have lost a couple of our guys. Thank you Bettyann for getting all the ladies to come out.

GK Neal McGarrity

PGK John Niznik gave Parochial Vicar Father James Tucker a check for $1557. This is one half of the proceeds from the spring raffle.

Dr. Esteban Cabrera gave Msgr. Tomas Nydegger two checks of $500 each for two seminarians studying under the him at Immaculate Conception Seminary on the grounds of Seton Hall .

Father Michael Gubernot came home and brought the Franciscan Sisters with him.
In the picture is Father Mike and Martha McGuire the church secretary.

The Franciscan Sisters of Fairview and several nuns came from the Mother House in Peakskill NY. The Sister with the football is Sister Anne James Guerin, Provincial Superior. They could not thank the council enough for all our members have done in adopting them and pushing the FCDC all the way to the State Council and getting this facility moving along. In a months time council members sold 190 tickets at $10 each and a member from the board sold 64 so the sisters received donations of $2500 last night to continue the work and hopefully get the pantry completed so Father Mike can get his garage back. Thanks to the six knights who covered the clergy and nuns tickets.


Frank Sinatra was a hit. Anthony Reale was singing at the bar if business was slow, when that occurred.

Sister Natalina who is 99 years old was so happy to have been able to share in the joy of the evening.

Bettyann Pinkman with the winning number!