The council picnic saw one of the biggest turnouts in recent years. Father Joe and Father John from ICC, Father Dominick from St. Francis, State Deputy Herbert Meyer and his wife, Ann and over forty knights with their wives, girlfriends and children plus a couple of four legged hairy dogs came out and enjoy the day down at Schmits Woods. We were honored to have all come out and enjoy a little quit time with some great food prepared by Jack Steffens, Tom Troyer III, Anthony Mongelli, GK Paul Pinkman and his wife Betty Ann.

Should we give the hamburger that fell on the floor to Lenny? Go by the five second rule!

The fire stands no chance with my trusty stick in hand ...............

Per Lenny, "You call that a flame??????"

Anthony doing some work and John supervising as usual ...........

Matthew stated the dog can join the party after a pet down.

Full grill of dogs and burgers ....... Not for long!

This hamburger would have tasted better with coffee.

The food was good but just not the same without a good cup of coffee!

Whose up for a sack race?

I ate too much; it's nap time!