July 2009 - June 2010 Columbian Year


Annual Council Picnic at Schmitt's Woods


On Sunday the 9th the council participated in the Secaucus Block Party. The council gave out seventy five child id kits and sold one fifty dollars on the Respect Life car raffle.

Grand Knight Paul fingerprinting a child for the kit.


The council food drive on August 9th at Pathmark in North Bergen went very well The council collected one hundred and forty pounds of food and brought it to Our Lady of Fatima food pantry and to the Franciscan Center in Fairview.

(left) Tom Fordi collecting. (right) Andy and Tony manning the table and filling boxes of donations!

Our first drive in July, members collected five hundred (500) pounds of clothing that was sent to the Franciscan Community Development Center in Fairview and two hundred and fifty (250) pounds of food that was collected from Immaculate Conception CCD children summer program, a drive outside Shop Rite in Hoboken on July 18th and a council collection at their meeting. In the picture is Mrs. April Harris of In Jesus Name Charities, and one of her assistants who received one hundred and seventy five pounds of the food. St. Francis food pantry received the remaining amount. As per Mrs. Harris " the summer is very hard on food pantries and the eight boxes of donated food is a great blessing."

Our second drive was broken into two parts- Part 1 40 pairs of pants, numerous shirts, 45 pairs of jeans, belts and underwear went into the general collection bin at the Franciscan Center. Sister Anna said the pants and underwear is the perfect size for those day laborers on the street.

27 sweaters, a bag of towels, several jackets, sweat pants along with the knights collection of sweatshirts and pants plus the toiletries went into the youth group project. That project is for the children to put together 2000 care packages and they will be delivered to the Bowery at Thanksgiving. the kids will help in the kitchen , serve meals and before they go they will hand these items out

In the picture, Sir Knight Lenny with Sister Anna. The Thanksgiving drive items in her car will be brought to the storage area. The youth group will sort out the items. In the background is half the center which you the knights had an important part on. The knights provided a lot of the material, labor and the monies for the siding.